Sensor technology for industry and mining.

Sensor technology for industry and mining. - PINTSCH TIEFENBACH Producer of Systems, Components and Subsystems for Railway Transportation Technology, Sensor Technology for industry and mining. Locally stationary electromechanical shunting equipment for automating the marshalling, handling and loading processes in guided traffic

Inductive and magnetic sensors, components and associated assemblies for applications in industry and mining.

In comparison to sensors available in the market, the inductive proximity switches, solenoid switches and filling level monitors (level switches) by PINTSCH TIEFENBACH feature a unique robustness and long service life even in areas with extreme environmental conditions. Examples are: sensors in hot-rolling lines and presses in steel works as well as in deep coal mining or in the chemical industry, where - in addition - requirements with regard to intrinsic safety and explosion protection must be met. The basis for the development of these components was the early activity of the company as a special equipment provider in deep coal mining and the experience gained therefrom. Due to an application-related intensive consulting in connection with the provision of supplementary assemblies for the evaluation of the sensor signals, the users profit from this knowledge and find the optimum solution for their application case.