Electrical and electronic components, subsystems and systems for control, safety and automation of the track system in guided traffic.

  • Tiefenbach locally operated points technology and signalling installations for marshalling areas
  • Remote control systems for relay points control systems
  • Technically supported train operation

Tiefenbach locally operated points technology and signaling installations for marshalling areas

With Tiefenbach locally operated points the railway operation is rationalised in shunting areas. Due to the decentralised operation of points and signalling installations by shunting personnel, points control systems in the classical meaning in these areas become superfluous. Thanks to the decentralised automation functions the control costs can be reduced even further thus increasing the efficiency of the operational handling. At the same time, a comparatively low capital expenditure is reached due to the use of a special technology adapted to the lower safety requirements. The systems offered are based on Tiefenbach's many years of experience in the development and production of controls for extreme environmental conditions, a.o. for explosion protected applications. The "native" robustness of the products thus represents a significant advantage in the railway environment. Tiefenbach is the first manufacturer to have utilised the advantages of these decentralised techniques in marshalling and shunting yards for railways and then further developed the same in close co-operation with the users. The resulting signalling installations for marshalling areas and automation systems for high-capacity train formation yards are examples for this ongoing process. Due to its many years of experience Tiefenbach knows all aspects of this technology. As a competent partner of planners, operators and supervisory authorities the company supports its customers already during the conception and design phase. Using this know-how, all operational, technical and economic aspects are optimally taken into account and increase the value of the investment for the benefit of the customer.


  • Tiefenbach Micro Computer - Electric locally Operated Point-Switch


  • Tiefenbach Micro Computer - Marshalling Yard and Depot Signalling System

Remote control systems for relay points control systems

In remote control systems by Tiefenbach, the proven subsystems of the railway signalling technology, the microcomputer system COMPEX and the PC operating and visualisation systems are used. The centralisation of signalling and control is thus made possible for the operators of relay interlocking systems, which comprises considerable rationalisation potentials and synergies. In remote control systems, the microcomputer system COMPEX is utilised as a link computer for the non-reactive connection of the keys and signalling lamps of the interlocking system. Due to the many possibilities for networking individual COMPEX computers, remote control systems may also be expanded for several interlocking systems up to the remote control of entire tracks.