Electrical and electronic components, subsystems and systems for control, safety and automation of the track system in guided traffic.

  • Axle counting systems
  • Point controller
  • Microcomputer system COMPEX
  • PC operating and visualisation system

Axle counting systems

Axle counting systems by Tiefenbach consist of double wheel sensors as axle counting points in combination with electronic counting mechanisms. As a subsystem within points control systems and automation systems, they are used for the rolling stock induced reliable occupied and clear signalling of track and points sections. The highly reliable axle counting system "Tiefenbach Axle Counting System" by Tiefenbach meets the safety requirements according to international standards (CENELC) for requirements level SIL 4. The system has been set up without a microcomputer and thus does not require any software; this facilitated the entire system design, safety verification and its verification by recognised experts. The resulting cost advantage renders this product also very attractive in terms of price. On the basis of the proven axle counting system "Tiefenbach Axle Counting System", Tiefenbach engineers have prepared solutions in close co-operation with their customers which show new ways for the application of axle counting systems. An example is a system for the activation and deactivation of railway crossings.


• Axle Counting System TAZ • Customer-specific MC-axle counting systems for Industrial

Point controller

Point controllers by Tiefenbach are used for the control and monitoring of electrical three-phase point machines in 4-wire technology (other point machines on request). As a functional unit, this type of equipment combines control as well as safety functions in a compact form. This allows the control system optionally to be arranged either decentrally, i.e. in the vicinity of the points (e.g. in the external switching cabinet), or centrally. In addition to the use in the systems of railway signalling technology by Tiefenbach these subsystems are also available to other providers of technical signalling solutions.

Microcomputer system COMPEX

The modular microcomputer system COMPEX was originally developed at Tiefenbach for intrinsically safe, explosion protected and highly available controls in deep coal mining and successfully implemented. The most important principle for the use of electronic control systems in these areas was: "Transports must roll!“ These high demands as to availability could be met by the COMPEX system right from the start. In industrial applications by Tiefenbach the COMPEX system was used in areas such as e.g. furnace operation where the controls work reliably under extreme environmental conditions. The intrinsically safe set-up of the control components with an extended temperature range and corresponding air and creeping distances have qualified this system right from the start also for applications in the railways sector. Here, too, the control systems set up with COMPEX have been characterised by a high degree of availability. The principle: "Output (rail transport) must roll on !" remains valid even in railway signalling technology and is more up to date than ever today.


  • Control computer for decentralised pre-set route control systems (Tiefenbach locally operated points)
  • Points control system computer in points control systems of building type Tiefenbach (TMC- RaStw, TMC – STW)
  • Control and link computer in remote control systems for relay points control systems
  • Control computer in systems for the technical supported train operation

PC operating and visualisation system

The PC visualisation system of Tiefenbach was developed with the target to provide a low cost technology to the allocation personnel of transport operators, which enables the same to operate decentralised control and safety devices (such as e.g. Tiefenbach locally operated points) from a central position and - in this way - to provide relief to the locomotive and shunting personnel. In co-operation with Deutsche Bahn AG and various different private railways, the system was continuously further developed and user experience worked into the same. The result of this development provides a system by means of which the high degree of automation and operating convenience of electronic points control systems can be applied at particular low cost also on decentralised pre-set route control systems and signalling systems, existing relay points control systems (e.g. remote action system) as well as on control and allocation systems. The innovative and simple operation of the system using a mouse and the operator guidance via the graphical interface ensure a high degree of acceptance by users. This applies to station masters as well as to allocation controllers and other persons in charge of operating tasks.